Things on my "not" todo list

Silly facebook conversation inspired the following:

package UNIVERSAL::Don't; # Because putting things in UNIVERSAL is fun!'

sub don::t {
    my ( $proto, $method ) = @_;
    my $class = ref $proto // $proto;
    my $method = $proto->can($method) or return;
    *{"$proto\::$method"} = sub {};
    return $method;

Just think of how much fun you could have with that ;)

And even though the single quote mark package separator is deprecated, it will be at least a decade before a more strongly worded deprecation notice is added. This, oddly, was inspired by the fact that today at work, I wrote the following package: Don't::Put::Me::In::t::lib:Unless::You::Want::To::Drag::The::Test::Suite::To::A::Screaming::Halt.

And for some reason, this blog is cutting off the rest of that package name, so here it is, broken up: Don't::Put::Me::In::t::lib:Unless::You::Want:: To::Drag::The::Test::Suite::To::A::Screaming::Halt

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