DB::Pluggable::Dumper on Github and CPAN

I recently blogged about extending the Perl debugger. Basically, if you use xx $some_var, you get love Data::Dumper output instead of the confusing debugger output:

DB<2> xx $shiny                                                                               
  foo => [
  guess => sub {
      my $x = shift @_;
      return $x + 1;
  this => "that",
  uno => {
    this => "that",
    "what?" => {
      this => "them"

You can fork it on github and clean up my awful code or install it from the CPAN when it's available.

In other news, if you ever extend the debugger, your code is going to look awful by default because there is just no way to get around that mess of global variables and action at a distance.


Thanx! It works great. I'm using it all the time now. There's a small warning at the startup though: "Subroutine DB::eval redefined at /home/local/apps/perl-5.10.1/lib/site_perl/5.10.1/DB/Pluggable/Dumper.pm line 38."

@Ovid: I just saw this new release: http://cpansearch.perl.org/src/MARCEL/DB-Pluggable-1.101050/Changes . You guys are pretty fast in killing bugs :)

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