to migration?

I recently asked Adam Kennedy why he went back to blogging on He replied:

I stopped posting to until I can migrate everything from use.perl over to it.

Anyone want to work on a migration script? I'd do it myself were it not for the Veure project I'm on. You just have to look at the gists in this post or the image on this post to see why the communication is so much richer here. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons, but clearly is a great, modern platform for the Perl community and I'd love to see more people promoting it.


Presumably this would be a lot easier if the maintainers of made a database dump (scrubbed of private info) available so converters wouldn't have to resort to screen-scraping. Is such a dump available?

Also regarding Gists the feature is actually somewhat of a security hole, it would be nice to have Gists whitelisted however.

This site still needs a lot of work before it's a good replacement. I can see your posts & threads you've participated in on but I can't figure out how to do that here. Discussions here are also not threaded which'll get nasty if they're longer than a few dozen comments.

Blogs is Movable Type, and Use is Slashcode, so the source is out there.

The threaded comment issue is a tough one, considering that you would need to reconstruct the user relationships in the threads.

I think migration is a non starter. There are technical challenges in the migration, and social challenges involved in getting the raw data. I'm pessimistic that Pudge would just hand over a database dump considering he derives some ad revenue from, but maybe I'm wrong...

I may add support to App::PM::Announce, or a hacked up version of it, so that I can post to both blogs at the same time.

I can volunteer to do this. My startup lives off writing Perl code and I've always wanted to help but wasnt sure how.

Shoot me an email to arrange details.

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