Vienna Perl-QA Hackathon, Day 3

Last day of the hackathon and things are going well. We're doing enough yak-shaving that I think it should be called a Yakathon, but that's a separate issue.

I finished work on Test::Builder to ensure that newer versions output a valid TAP version header. This is needed by Test::Harness to properly parse nested TAP. However, there's a bootstrapping issue with Test::Harness. To work around this, we've agree that the Test::Simple distribution will require a minimum version of Test::Harness. We're not happy with this, but we went through many options to work around this and this seemed like the best one.

The versions affected will be released as development versions and likely stay like that for a while to minimize danger. It might be nice if smokers install those versions when they're released, but it would be awful if people started getting test failures because we missed something obvious.

Because of this, I started thinking about toolchain issues and how it can get annoying to always keep up to date with testing modules and the related toolchain, so I've written Task::Toolchain::Test. That's a github link, but it should be on the CPAN soon. This module lists the most common test toolchain modules and most popular test modules and lets you install them all in one go. Feedback on the choices is welcome.

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