Vienna QA Hackathon, Day 2 - Extending the Perl Debugger

Hate the Perl debugger? Want it to do more? I do. For example, I hate it when I see this:

  DB<1> x $before                                                                                            
0  HASH(0x100e37fd8)
   'foo' => ARRAY(0x100c5f1d8)
      0  1
      1  2
      2  4
   'guess' => CODE(0x100dc0d78)
      -> &main::__ANON__[] in
   'this' => 'that'
   'uno' => HASH(0x100db9000)
      'this' => 'that'
      'what?' => HASH(0x10088dfc0)
         'this' => 'them'

So I've extended it to allow you to type xx $var:

  DB<2> xx $after                                                                                            
  foo => [
  guess => sub {
      my $x = shift @_;
      return $x + 1;
  this => "that",
  uno => {
    this => "that",
    "what?" => {
      this => "them"

That's the same data structure, but it's much easier to read.

It's build on top of Marcel Grünauer's DB::Pluggable, but I can't release it yet because we've agreed that some of my work should be pushed back into the pluggable layer. Later, I'll make it more extensible, including changing serialisation options.


How do you deal with circulars?

That's really nice. Are you using Data::Dumper::Streamer for this?

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