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I'm getting married on June 20th. Leïla and I chose this date because it's my birthday. It's my birthday because I was born on Dies Martis xx Junius MCMLXVII, as calculated by:

use Roman;
sub latin_date {
    my $datetime = shift;
    my @days     = (
        'Dies Dominica',
        'Dies Lunae',
        'Dies Martis',
        'Dies Mercurii',
        'Dies Iovis',
        'Dies Veneris',
        'Dies Saturni',
        'Dies Dominica',
    my @months = (
        'Januarius', 'Februarius', 'Martius',   'Aprilis',
        'Maius',     'Junius',     'Julius',    'Augustus',
        'September', 'October',    'Novembris', 'December'
    return join ' ' => $days[ $datetime->day_of_week ],
      roman( $datetime->day ), $months[ $datetime->month - 1 ],
      uc( roman( $datetime->year ) );

I pulled the Latin information from this page about Roman dates.


Ovid, you missed the perfect opportunity to do that in Lingua::Romana::Perligata. :-)

Oh, and congratulations.


"I'm getting married on June 20th."

Congratulations :)

I think Caesar would disagree. The old-school Latin designation for the 20th of June would be (I think) "a.d. XII Kal. Jul.", literally "12 days before the Kalends of July". I never did get along with that particular scheme...

And, of course, gratulor tibi de felicia tua. =)

If you're going to use Latin, then the year is MMDCCLXIII (AUC).

Good catch :)

Congrats Ovid.

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