Looking for work in London?

Just a quick note: if you can legally work in the UK and you're near London, drop me a line every once in a while if you're looking for work. I'll treat it with confidence. I keep getting contacted by recruiters and sometimes I want to pass leads on to others.

Actually, if you need to be sponsored for a work permit and you're really good at what you do, still let me know. Sometimes the recruiters tell me their company will sponsor permits.


"Sometimes the recruiters tell me their company will sponsor permits."

Thanks, it's good to know :) I wonder why they do not use jobs.perl.org? If they do, then why not mention this (from time to time, only a couple of advertisements mention this actually).

So what is the best way to drop you a line? I clicked around a few of your profiles (here, LJ, use.perl, twitter, etc) , and couldn't see an "email" link anywhere.

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