Posting to blogger?

Some days are just big buckets of fail. So far I've not been able to get any code to successfully publish anything to I've failed with both Net::Blogger and Atompub and am seriously tempted to just create a bunch of damned HEREDOCs and push them straight to the Google Blogger API.

Didn't we use to own the Web? Or maybe I'm just having a really off day. I've successfully written a custom CMS in just a few hours and I'm stuck on one last, little stumbling block.

Anyone have working code they care to share? I mean real, live working code, not examples. I've seen more failed examples than I care to admit :)


Hi Ovid

Have you looked at Miril?

I had a quick play with it, and I'd have to say the interface is not quite intuitive, but it works.

Maybe this thread will be helpful:

It includes some working code which may still work, although it is old (2007).

Oh and here's a simpler option - just enable posting via email in your Blogger account (Settings -> Email & Mobile) and post to blogger via an email created with your Perl script :)

Can you update us on your solution to this problem? I am also looking to make a command line client to blogger.

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