I need to do two things:

  • Think of a better name than Test::Class::Profile
  • Write it

The problem: running several thousand tests in one Test::Class process can swallow up a lot of information. I want to instrument Test::Class to optionally capture that information to assist debugging/management of your test suite. I need to write code which will:

  • Tell you what classes ran and in which order
  • How long did each class take to run
  • How long does each test control method take to run
  • Overhead on test methods from test control methods

The last one is rather interesting. Consider a test class with a setup method which takes 8 seconds to run. If it has 10 test methods, than that's an extra 80 seconds of overhead you've added. If you can get the setup method to run in 4 seconds, you can save 40 seconds on the test class. Do this with just a few test classes and you're talking about serious performance savings.

What other information would you want in something like this? How should the information be recorded/presented?


Any progress on this?

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