Vim's quickfix mode and Perl

Very happy that f00li5h tweeted to me about the Vi::QuickFix module. In vim, my leader is the comma and when I type ',c', I now execute perl -MVi::QuickFix -c % and that creates an error.err file which vi's quickfix mode can read. :cf will take me to the first error in the fix and :cn will take me to the next error. It will even jump to the correct file, as needed. See vim's :help quickfix for more information.

However, I've done more than that. See a bunch of problems in your files? Try running this:

find lib/ -type f -name '*.pm' -exec perl -c {} 2>&1 \; | grep -v 'syntax OK' \
    | tee errors.err

On our code base, that takes around 25 minutes to run. Then I have this in my .vimrc:

" quickfix for Perl error formats
set errorformat+=%m\ at\ %f\ line\ %l\.
set errorformat+=%m\ at\ %f\ line\ %l

Those two formats match the Perl errors I'm getting (note how one ends with a dot). With those, I can now jump to all errors and warnings that compiling our code generates.

Update: Fixed the find invocation.

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That's a great tip! Thank you.

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