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More stupid testing tricks

For the guy who wrote the test harness currently ships with Perl and has commit rights to an awful lot of the Perl testing toolchain, I sure do seem to do a lot of stupid things while testing. That being said, sometimes I need to do those stupid testing tricks. That's because there seem to be roughly two types of developers:

  • Those who work in a perfect world
  • Those who work in the real world

I say the latter with a bit of bitterness because invariably I keep hearing YOU MUST DO X AND NOTHING ELSE where "X" is a practice that I often agree with, but it's the "and nothing else" bit that really frosts my Pop Tart (tm).


I struggled with a problem where a given method would return an array of array refs of data, but the order (and sometimes presence) of array ref elements were sometimes slightly different. This is because this code needed to test real data and I could not mock the results. After giving this some thought, I realized I wanted something like the Levenshtein edit distance for data structures. Marcel GrĂ¼nauer suggested that each element get assgined a unicode character. This solves my problem nicely with the following code ...

My daughter and other stuff

On February 5th, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our lovely daughter, Lilly-Rose.

Needless to say, this has impacted my posting here :)

At one point before the birth when we were both rather bored, I was trying to get some work done, but I had some code which I could not load because I lacked an Internet connection. Not all modules were present on my system, config files were missing, etc. However, I desperately needed to unit test my code and I quickly got fed up with my standard bag of tricks for forcing modules to load. Thus, I wrote a module to handle that bag of tricks for me. Later, after releasing it to github, I thought about dedicating it to my wife and newborn daughter, but I didn't think they'd like the Package Butcher dedicated to them.

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