2011 Perl QA Hackathon - Day 1

At the Hackathon here in Amsterdam and am using this to clear out my bug queue. This is raising several of my gripes about CPAN's RT setup.

  • When I resolve a bug, there's a select list for "update type" and this select list only allows me to "reply to requestor". FAIL
  • Long, beautifully formatted pieces of code in the text areas lose their formatting on the Web page.
  • I want a "really close this ticket and don't let this person reopen it by replying" option.

There should be a new version of Test::Differences on the CPAN soonish and it's also on github. Fork at will.

If your feature request is complicated or I'm just too dumb to understand it (more common than I like to admit) and you don't a patch or tests to send me, there's a good chance it will be ignored. My bandwidth is limited enough even with patches (which I have to read, evaluate, apply, test and release).

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