Agile Companies?

I've been doing some research into how different companies operate and I was curious if people would be kind enough to give me examples of companies they would consider "agile" in overall company organization, project management, or some other aspect. For example, I've heard some companies update their live site when devs push their changes to the main branch. That would be far more agile than than the typical change management process most companies require. Other companies avoid project managers under the premise that projects requiring managers have grown too complex.

If you can think of any examples, I would love to see them. Links would be helpful as I'd like to be able to do some more digging.

On a completely related note: I'm finding most studies on how successful companies are run are full of crap.


One of my clients, NET-A-PORTER, strongly embraces Agile development - all development projects have a backlog, scrums, product owner, agile project manager, etc, and run in such a way that it seems to help rather than hinder.

They've even started to port this to non-development projects too (editorial, mechanical, and so on), and run outreach meetings for Business Analysts and Project Managers outside the company. They're one of the few places I've seen do it really effectively.

Look up 3M or Toyota. Specifically everything both those companies do.

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