YAPC::NA Schedule is up

The YAPC::NA schedule has now been posted. This will be my first YAPC in the US and it looks like it's going to be great. Curiously, my last YAPC was in Frankfurt, Germany about half an hour away from where my father lives, and this YAPC is in Austin, a couple of hours from where my mother (and many other relatives) live. Thus, Perl is bringing me closer to my family :)

I have two talks accepted. The first is Testing with Test::Class::Moose. That one's a bit of a risk because I'm presenting what is effectively alpha code. However, I've been doing testing long enough that I'm fairly comfortable with what's being put forward. Target audience: if you've ever wanted to use Test::Class + Moose, Test::Class::Moose is the module for you. Plus, due to the reporting and extensibility, this module is probably a great choice for companies with larger test suites who want to better control and information over what's happening in their tests.

The second talk is Roles versus Inheritance. That one gets a bit mind-bendingly complicated for some folks because inheritance, unlike roles, is sometimes hard to wrap your brain around. It's not a tutorial on roles because frankly, roles are generally ridiculously easy to use once you understand them. Instead, it's an explanation of roles and the problem they're trying to solve.

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