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Nestoria's Module of the Month

Now this is an idea that I wish more companies would get behind.

Nestoria is a property search engine based in London, but covering several countries (I use them here in France). They're really slick, growing nicely, and their back end is mostly written in Perl. A couple of day's ago they wrote on their blog that Test::More is their module of the month.

Why is this cool? Because this is going to be a regular feature and they're going to start donating a $1 a week (via gittip) to the author or a prime contributor of whatever project they've selected. I would love to see companies financially backing open source products they benefit from. I see plenty of companies are signing up for gittip for this very purpose.

To Nestoria: many kudos for finding yet another way to give back (they also sponsor Perl events and release open source code).

To everyone else: go sign up for your gittip account if you haven't already.

And ask your company to think about gittip and maybe giving back to those who've helped them. I suspect many companies wouldn't find $1 a week to be a burden, though they can certainly pay more if they wish.

Automatic variable highlighting in vim

After viewing an interesting post in Reddit about programming in color (syntax highlighting that focuses on data flow instead of syntax), I saw that one user had developed a very similar feature for PHP. The idea is to highlight the variable that your cursor is currently on. I liked what he wrote, so I modified it for Perl.

Using Perl on Red Hat's OpenShift Cloud

Are you a lone Web developer who has a great idea for an app but you're intimidated by the idea of getting a Web server, maintaining the OS, installing the database, handling DNS, keeping up to date with security patches and so on? Instead, you can try a Platform as a Service (PaaS) system and let them handle the system administration stuff while you focus on just writing your code.

I wrote a short guide on how to write Perl applications for Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS cloud service. It turns out that it's really, really easy. And the basic service is free!

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