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Divas Need Not Apply

A couple of days ago, we posted a job on jobs.perl.org. We wrote:

Description: Want a remote Perl job working for a great company with colleagues from all around the world? We're considering both permanent and contract positions for a variety of Perl roles. Front-end skills are always welcome and experience with parallel programming comes in handy more than you would think.

We do set a high bar on who we employ, so if joining a bunch of Perl hackers who love the language sounds like fun, send us your CV and we'll send you our programming test. In return, because we value your time, Ovid will be evaluating the test and will send you feedback on how you did and areas for improvement, if any.

Desired skills: Perl. Strong Perl. You love the language. This is the only solid requirement.

Front-end skills (HTML, CSS, JS, not design) are often very useful.

Expertise with parallel processing, including event-driven programming, is needed.

Good communication skills.

Understanding databases is important.

The specifics of the job are vague because there's more than one position (and NDAs), but the requirements are reasonably clear. Note that as of this writing, we posted that two days ago, and that's when the fun began (and if I grade another Perl test, I'm going to scream, but boy, does that weed out candidates quickly).

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