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Enforcing Simple Standards with One Module

It's fair to say that at our consulting company, we work with many clients who use Perl heavily. The "preamble" of their Perl code is either an ad-hoc mixture of features, or stock boilerplate like this which gets cut-n-pasted all over the place:

use strict;
use warnings;
use v5.24;
use feature "signatures";
no warnings 'experimental::signatures';
use utf8::all;
use Carp;

Both of those approaches are dead wrong. The "ad hoc" pragma list means it's hard to be sure what features are or are not available. The "standard boilerplate" approach means cutting-n-pasting and then hating yourself when you have to change that standard boilerplate.

Modern::Perl is a nice middle ground for avoiding this, but it may not be the features you want. For example, our free-to-play narrative browser game, Tau Station, doesn't use the C3 MRO because we don't use multiple inheritance (note: we enforce C3 on our DBIx::Class classes, of course).

Instead, we have our custom boilerplate, wrapped up in Veure::Module.

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