Re: Need IO::Pty help with *BSD/OSX

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I had no problem with /usr/bin/bc test on FreeBSD (FreeBSD 8.4-STABLE #1 r267149). gvl, perhaps you were thinking of dc?

01-test did fail though, not ok 13 - eof_on_pty (perl 5.18.2 compiled…

Got CSS to hide ridiculously long posts?

Does anybody have CSS handy to hide -- say anything after 2 paragraphs -- ludicrously long posts on the front page of

Publicly accessible archive of perl security advisories?

There seems to be no announcement/read-only public mailing list archive related to perl security issues, unlike freebsd-announce@freebsd for example. Is there a publicly accessible URL where past (perl security) advisories issued are collected?

A search that failed to produce the desired result: Google: perl security advisories (various issues listed at many places; no one archive)

(I had posted this as a comment elsewhere w…

git related bourne-like shell functions

Wanted to post git related shell functions, so they are now at PerlMonks.