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Rakudo.js update - more test fixes and NativeCalls works a little

Rakudo.js now passes 74.91% of roast test (84% of the subset specified in the grant)
Recently I have been mostly fixing bugs and implementing missing bits and pieces.
For example :i and :m modifiers in regexes now work a lot better and I have added dynamic quantifiers in regexes like a /"foo" ** {rand.round}/

I have also played around with implementing stuff that's needed for NativeCall (two of the test for passing simple values back and forth work).

I plan to continue working on fixing up the failing roast tests.

Rakudo.js update - passes 64.65% roast test

Recently I have been working mostly on fixing bugs and making rakudo.js pass more roast tests.
Some of the tests require implementing new features. A lot of them are fairly straightforward (like making a integer division by zero raise an exception).
An interesting/tricky one to implement where the native int8 and int16 types.
We emulate t…

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