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Fatpacking your scripts with fatten

"Thank you for a freakin awesome app. Seriously, fatten is great! 3" --Paul J. Fenwick

fatpack is a utility created by MST to pack a script along with its dependencies (required Perl modules) into a single file. It differs from PAR in that it does not create an archive that must be extracted into the filesystem at the start of program run. Thus, a fatpacked script is simpler and faster to run.

The command-line utility…

Synchronizing Opera bookmarks with Perl, Org, and git

Who here like me still uses Opera (specifically Opera 12 on Linux)? It's being abandoned, the bugs are piling up, and more websites are not rendering correctly on it. However, the combination of keyboard shortcuts and some specific features like editing+applying source code makes me still stick to it.

The Opera makers provide a service called Opera Link that can synchronizes your browser bookmarks and a few other stuffs between computers and mobile devices. However I prefer not to use it and rely on some good ol' tools instead.

I also happen to be a fan of ="http://orgm…

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