Perlybook updates

In the last couple of days we fixed some bugs and added new features to Perlybook:

* You can now send .mobi files to any mail address you want, it's also possible to store the mail address in a cookie...
* We now use the MailException plugin for Mojolicious so we get noticed whenever something goes wrong
* Fixed some decode bugs

When I added mail support, I experienced some problems that didn't occur on my dev machine.…

Popular ebooks on in week 1/2013

Here are the most popular ebooks from Dec 28 2012 to Jan 3 2013:

  1. DBI

  2. Bread-Board

  3. Test-Simple

Mojolicious, Plugins and Ebooks

The "cpan-2-ebook" site comes with some minor updates for winter holidays.

Below the "front lid" there are some interesting changes. We replaced the caching module CHI with the wrapper Mojolicious::Plugin::CHI. The module is quite new. But after some exchange with and bugfixing by (thanks!) the module author this module can now be recommended together with Starman and nginx - …

Perlybook on

I added to Hopefully we get some pull requests to iron out the issues we have.

Another related project I added is EPublisher-Source-Plugin-PodFromGithub. When we have finished that plugin we would be able to convert stuff like the Perl Advent Calender

Recently while developing...

...some new stuff for I got an error message and needed quite long to find the cause. This was so unexpected too, because I have not done much changes.

The error message I got:

Unrecognized character \xCD; marked by -- HERE after og->debug(-- HERE near column 26 at script/../lib/ line 43.

Here is the code:

hard_to_find_error.png="text-align: center; di…