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Popular ebooks on perlybook.org in week 25/2012

Here are the most popular ebooks from Jun 18 2012 to Jun 24 2012:


  1. MooseX-IOC

  2. local-lib


  1. Moose

  2. perl

  3. Dancer

  4. local-lib

  5. AnyEvent-RFXCOM

  6. DBI

  7. CHI


  9. Catalyst-Runtime

  10. Mojolicious

Bugfix for the Mobi-Format

Perlybook releases v0.11.

The reason for this is a quite annoying bug (or missing feature) which displayed content from POD-links (the L tag) as is. Luckily this just occurred for the Mobi-format.

To fix this, we released a new version ob EBook::MOBI (v0.46) and added some minor changes to perlybook.org to allow better supp…

Popular ebooks on perlybook.org in week 24/2012

Here are the most popular ebooks from Jun 10 2012 to Jun 16 2012:


  1. perlopentut


  3. Text-Xslate

  4. HTML-Template

  5. Moose-Cookbook

  6. Moo

  7. perlws

  8. IO-DB


  1. Moose

  2. DBI

  3. ppt

  4. Dancer

  5. Template-HTML

  6. libwww-perl

  7. Mojoliciou…

Perlybook.org - Read Perl module documentation at the Preikestolen

Hi @all,

a couple of weeks ago, we started perlybook.org. It is a service that creates ebooks for your favourite Perl module documentation. So you would be able to read the Moose documentation while you sit on the Preikestolen (The "Move to Moose hackathon" will be right after YAPC::Europe).

It makes heavy use of the MetaCPAN API, so we …

About perlybook

user-pic This is about perlybook, a webservice that lets you create Perl module documentation in ebook formats.