Bugfix in Name Input

Perlybook.org is now available in version 0.13.
Continue enjoying all the Docs from CPAN in your Ebook-Reader of choice.

This fixes a bug, concerning some input like e.g. Log::Log4perl.
Because MetaCPAN's autocompletion was used to match user-input to something valid, you always got an ebook about Tie::Log4perl (which is autocomplete-suggestion number one in this case) - so this is fixed now and you will get the book you want.

The downside of this is that the input allows no more typos and is case sensitive too! But that's not a big issue if you use a browser with JS enabled... JQuery will fill up the form correctly with a bit of your help.

Secondly a minor bug is fixed so that you should be able to download your ebook of choice directly from you Kindle Reader if you have some WLAN around. I would like to hear some feedback about this on github or as comments here in the blog. Because on my Kindle Reader (there is no model name written on this thing, I don't even know which model it is) I can now download (which I couldn't before) but - very strange - I can't open the book... would like to hear if others have the same issue.


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