Input Plugins for the Kindle Reader serves you all the docs available on CPAN as a handy ebook. For the Kindle Reader it achieves this with the help of the module EBook::MOBI.

This module now got an update (v0.5). Before it was just useful for translating POD into an ebook (which is awesome). But now its even better... you can write plugins for any input format.

So is there anybody interested in the ability for converting e.g. Markdown directly into an ebook? If you feel like such a feature would be cool, you are very welcome to contribute a plugin (for what ever format you like).

For now there is just a plugin for POD. More would be great.

Please see the modules documentation for more information or directly join the project at github. Feel free to contact the modules author (me) if you have questions.




Is there a mobi.diff program? Seems to me it'd be a great help for debugging. For example, given a file in POD, and in Markdown, then comparing the outputs of the 2 converters would seem like the obvious thing to do. I assume there'd be some small differences, perhaps if a creation datestamp was embedded in the file, but otherwise I think it would help.

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