Recently while developing...

...some new stuff for I got an error message and needed quite long to find the cause. This was so unexpected too, because I have not done much changes.

The error message I got:

Unrecognized character \xCD; marked by <-- HERE after og->debug(<-- HERE near column 26 at script/../lib/ line 43.

Here is the code:


Who finds the error first?
Ps: dusty screens will make it harder!

Boris Däppen


Well ... after opening bracket there is a combining character ... to be precise "Combining Grave Tone Mark" U+0340, it makes your bracket look as if it has a diacritic applied on top of it.

I agree with Mask, it looks like the opening round brace is ... lets say odd.

In VIM (where I coded) it was even more difficult to see (this pic is gedit). It's just funny how some characters just don't let you see them if you don't know what you are looking for :-)

And don't even ask how I mistakenly typed this thing on a swiss keyboard!

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