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Mojolicious, Plugins and Ebooks

The "cpan-2-ebook" site comes with some minor updates for winter holidays.

Below the "front lid" there are some interesting changes. We replaced the caching module CHI with the wrapper Mojolicious::Plugin::CHI. The module is quite new. But after some exchange with and bugfixing by (thanks!) the module author this module can now be recommended together with Starman and nginx - …

Perlybook on

I added to Hopefully we get some pull requests to iron out the issues we have.

Another related project I added is EPublisher-Source-Plugin-PodFromGithub. When we have finished that plugin we would be able to convert stuff like the Perl Advent Calender

About perlybook

user-pic This is about perlybook, a webservice that lets you create Perl module documentation in ebook formats.