Perlybook updates

In the last couple of days we fixed some bugs and added new features to Perlybook:

* You can now send .mobi files to any mail address you want, it's also possible to store the mail address in a cookie...
* We now use the MailException plugin for Mojolicious so we get noticed whenever something goes wrong
* Fixed some decode bugs

When I added mail support, I experienced some problems that didn't occur on my dev machine.

After two hours of debugging I found the difference. On the server I did install Authen::SASL::XS and on my dev machine this module is missing.

With Authen::SASL::XS I find this message in the log file:

[Mon Jan 7 01:05:21 2013] [error] SMTP auth() command failed: 5.5.4 Syntax: AUTH mechanism

at /home/ebook/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.14.2/lib/site_perl/5.14.2/MIME/ line 2882

Without it everything works...

I hope I can file a bug in the next days.


Surprising but nice interface for the email. I'm sure this will help Kindle users a lot.

Just wanted to note that Perlybook seems like a commendable and useful project, and thanks for putting the source under the Artistic 2.0 licence, which is open source and supersedes the old and lacking “Same terms as perl”. I'm personally not sure that I'm going to use it myself (since I don't have a tablet or E-book reader, and usually use a comfortable personal computer with an Internet connection that is usually always up), but I may link to it from the Perl Beginners’ site.

Thanks again!

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