Encourage user participation via a single-line patch to your dist metadata

If you have been browsing MetaCPAN lately, you may have noticed a new shiny red ball ribbon on the left side of some distibution pages. What you may not have realized is that this is a generic feature, and you can add one to your distribution just as easily.

TL;DR: All you need to do is add an IRC resource to your metadata:

  • For ="http://search.c…
  • How does <email>@cpan.org work?

    In the recent year I notice more and more instances that mail to ribasushi@cpan.org is silently swallowed. I know this because I communicate with the senders through other channels, and I've even received forwards of copies of emails which as far as the sender is concerned are delivered. I am also increasingly hearing the same story from my PAUSE-peers. Bottom line: it seems that the SMTPD cpan.mx.develooper.com is configured to do rather aggressive *silent* spam filtering.

    I am writing this for 2 reasons:

    • I want to gauge whether the problem is indeed pervasive, …

    Urging users with good test suites to test-drive latest DBIx::Class trial

    If you use DBIx::Class in a production setting and just happen to have a substantial test suite - this post is for you.

    TL;DR: Recent development in DBIC required the introduction of a subsystem that turned out to be much more complex than initially envisioned. While it *seems* that all the kinks have been worked out, the failure modes are so un-graceful (dis-graceful?) that the latest trial is in need of extra testing before it can be deemed ready for production.

    Therefore if you are in a position to validate that everything behaves as expected, without the risk of taking your production to the fjords (did I mention substantial test suites?) - please help those in less favorable situations and test the thing before it goes live.

    You can install the trial by any of the following methods:

    HARNESS_OPTIONS=j4 cpan R/RI/RIBASUSHI/DBIx-Class-0.082700_06.tar.gz
    HARNESS_OPTIONS=j4 cpanm -v DBIx::Class@0.082700_06
    or by grabbing the tarball and doing it old school

    While the current version is deemed safe, I am being extra cautious because of recent history. So what exactly happened (and what went wrong)?

    On the awesomeness of the Perl community v2 (201406)

    Remember how I pointed out last year that the Perl community is *AWESOME*? Well, glad some things stay the same :)

    This year I am part-time unemployed and was only planning to maybe visit YAPC::EU in Sofia. I wasn't looking to do another crowdfund because, well, others should get a chance too :) And in fact one such campaign is runnin…

    I bought a weekly round for my friends

    Given our community is a little... let's say cautious I feel the need to open with a disclaimer. I am in no way affiliated with Gittip, in the past, present and the foreseeable future. In fact I looked at their bugtracker for the first time this morning and am appalled that a site in production for 2 years can have so many outstanding basic conceptual issues.

    In any case this entry is about the underlying idea, so if you can manage to not get distracted by a shoddy implementation - read on (NSFW language as always :)