On the awesomeness of the Perl community v2 (201406)

Remember how I pointed out last year that the Perl community is *AWESOME*? Well, glad some things stay the same :)

This year I am part-time unemployed and was only planning to maybe visit YAPC::EU in Sofia. I wasn't looking to do another crowdfund because, well, others should get a chance too :) And in fact one such campaign is runnin…

I bought a weekly round for my friends

Given our community is a little... let's say cautious I feel the need to open with a disclaimer. I am in no way affiliated with Gittip, in the past, present and the foreseeable future. In fact I looked at their bugtracker for the first time this morning and am appalled that a site in production for 2 years can have so many outstanding basic conceptual issues.

In any case this entry is about the underlying idea, so if you can manage to not get distracted by a shoddy implementation - read on (NSFW language as always :)

fatal warnings are a ticking time bomb (via chromatic)

chromatic just blogged about the perils of fatal warnings pushed down CPAN by the otherwise exceedingly useful Moo perl library. Since his comment system is perpetually broken, with his permission I am moving the discussion here, where the comment system is... right, anyhow.

What follows is the verbatim text of chromatic's post. My own thoughts are going to be in the form of a comment.

Crowdsourcing self-confidence

Update 12 hours later

I received a massive amount of feedback: here, on the mailing list and in private email. I humbly thank all of you for the many words of encouragement. I am planning to summarize in more detail what I took away from this in a separate post soon (once I am back from an internetless trip this weekend).

Original Text

TL;DR - There is this thing called DBIx::Class. It has a number of users, and a number of staunch non-users, which is all fine. Bottom line - it seems to be relatively important. For good AND for bad, I happen to be an integral part of this project for nearly 5 years. A number of my friends (who badgered me into writing this) believe that I am in a relatively unique position to "to boldly take this project where no ORM has gone before". Furthermore I am at a life-junction where I indeed can consider dedicating more time to such a goal (which includes formalizing proposals, seeking funding etc - this however is all step #2).

The reason for this post is to resolve the #1 problem holding me back from pursuing any of the above - I have conflicting indicators whether my continuous involvement with DBIx::Class does actually deliver a net benefit to its current and potential future users. After several months trying to reconcile facts (detailed further down) surrounding this project, I came to the conclusion that I can not figure this out by myself. And I will remain stuck until I do figure it out. Therefore I am reaching out to the community with what amounts to a blatant "vote of confidence" request (although, as everything in life, it's actually not that simple).

This will be a rather frank and unusually weird post - you have been warned.

PerlX, sub-communities, etc.

TL;DR: I just finished and gisted a transcript of a Russian Perl podcast discussing Perl's future, and many other things. I made it with the strong belief it will be very beneficial to have access to yet another point of view during certain future events.

Read on for my take on the subject of communication.