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PerlX, sub-communities, etc.

TL;DR: I just finished and gisted a transcript of a Russian Perl podcast discussing Perl's future, and many other things. I made it with the strong belief it will be very beneficial to have access to yet another point of view during certain future events.

Read on for my take on the subject of communication.

On the awesomeness of the Perl community

The Perl community is AWESOME! Much has been said and written on this topic: a lot of it true, some of it not so much, and sadly a nontrivial amount of it FUD. Yet, since this is about Perl, there is definitely more than one way to say it. So I will tell you one more personal-ish story.

Belated "hello world"

O HAI o/

As many of you know - I am a very late adopter. The time has come, however, when the amount of things I want to say about Perl and its community no longer fit in my TODO cache. So biting the bullet (or two) I am declaring the civility free zone1 as open. Watch this space for more ;)


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