Belated "hello world"

O HAI o/

As many of you know - I am a very late adopter. The time has come, however, when the amount of things I want to say about Perl and its community no longer fit in my TODO cache. So biting the bullet (or two) I am declaring the civility free zone1 as open. Watch this space for more ;)


[1] The name of the blog signifies my principal disagreement with key points of this writeup. I hope to elaborate on this sore point in the future.


Good to have you here, curious what you have to say :-)


Apart from its bad grammar, what do you object to in the "writeup"?
I've been a dumb noob on a number of forums. It isn't pleasant to get abusive or misleading responses. I particularly hate the ones that give untried snippets of code that the authors come up with off the top of their head, which will never work.
It is ironic that geek devotees of the latest code|language|OS trend/flavour sometimes drive away potential recruits with their condescending posts.
You aren't being condescending here are you?

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