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#riba2016 ends - now what?


Several hours ago my unorthodox campaign came to an unsuccessful end. There has been a lot of feedback to my previous post, some of it so surprisingly off the mark that I still have not wrapped my head around it enough for a proper response. I plan to publish a much more in-depth analysis and "lessons learned", but I need to gain much more distance from the current hot mess of CPAN, to better express the crux of what went right and what went wrong (spoiler - while the campaign itself failed, I consider the chain of events an incredible, way-beyond-what-I-expected success)

Couple weeks before the "I give up" announcement I compiled and started working in parallel on the following list, in order to shape up a "final ribasushi-approved" DBIC release:

Suspending efforts on my #riba2016 crowdfunding campaign, looking forward to my own Xmas

( If you want the text below narrated instead - watch the video, there is also an alternative comment thread on reddit )

On the 1st of October I launched a daring crowdfunding campaign. I asked over thirty companies directly relying on my open source work to split a rather modest bill, allowing me to exclusively focus for at least a year on several key parts of the Perl5 library repository (CPAN). Two months later, after a really promising start, the campaign is effectively dead.

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