Sneak Peek of Beyond Perl Fundamentals

Safari has just posted a sneak peek of my new video course Beyond Perl Fundamentals, successor to a video course whose name should be intuitable :-)

Tons of hard work. Some people can sit in front of a camera and deliver a flawless lesson in one take. I flub. I spent many hours hand editing with Camtasia to sync separate audio and video streams and edit out every little click. Hope it was worth the effort.


When the first one came I was teaching a Perl course. I found it invaluable and suggested everyone in class purchases a copy.

I'm happy you're doing another one and I'll make sure to purchase it as well. The amount of effort you've put is noticeable and well worth it. Good job, really.

Not mentioning ActivePerl or Cygwin Perl in the "Getting Perl" bit is not a good idea. All of the Windows Perls have points that make them worth using, even if it's only that they manage to run something the others can't.

I purchased both Perl Fundamentals and Beyond Perl Fundamentals and found them to be excellent video screencasts. However I did feel that I would have liked a copy of the Exercise Files and Source Code for Beyond Perl Fundamentals.

I look forward to the release of Peter Scott's next Live Lessons video and indeed any future releases, whether this be a video or print publication.

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