Long-time Perlista hfb reports from a sadly regressive DEFCON:

Comparing Perl, Python and Ruby's testing ecosystems, part 2

I've released the second part of my series comparing Perl, Python and Ruby's testing ecosystems, on my testing-focussed blog

Comparing Perl, Python, and Ruby's test assertions

I've started a new series on my testing blog about the differences between Perl, Python, and Ruby's testing ecosystems and architectures. First article looking at the most basic assertions is done:

A pretty stupid idea...

If you're a Perl developer in the UK, I will literally send you free money by email:

Reminder: London Perl Workshops Call For Papers ending soon!

London Perl Workshop: on 12th of December.

I'm pleased to be sponsoring again this year as, but a reminder that the deadline for talks is end of this week, Friday the 6th of November!

If you'll just be attending but not speaking, by signing up early you'll make sure there's enough coffee and beer for you...