Reminder: London Perl Workshops Call For Papers ending soon!

London Perl Workshop: on 12th of December.

I'm pleased to be sponsoring again this year as, but a reminder that the deadline for talks is end of this week, Friday the 6th of November!

If you'll just be attending but not speaking, by signing up early you'll make sure there's enough coffee and beer for you...

Preparing for a Technical Interview (with Perl)

I've uploaded some more slides, this time from my YAPC::NA masterclass, on how to prepare for and survive a technical interview. They are somewhat Perl-related, but most of the content should be as applicable for non-Perl interviews too.

How to prepare for (and survive) a technical interview

How to write a Developer CV/Résumé that will get you hired

Slides from my LPW talk are now online!

How to write a Developer CV/Résumé that will get you hired.

Perl 6 Status

Today, from Freenode's #perl6:

01:41  zzzzzzzzzz> Is there no site that gives a current status of Perl6 work 
                    that a non-guru could follow?

01:42  zzzzzzzzzz> Most of the hits under 
           are ca. 
                    2010 and even is close 
                    to two months old.


01:47  zzzzzzzzzz> That's the impression I get but I have a hard 
                    time getting much farther than that.  For example, "what 


I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "What this world has too few of, is recruiters. The world definitely needs more recruiters". And given that shocking lack of people trying to get you a job, I've launched Perl Careers.

My eventual goal is to try and do something like O'Reilly did back in the day - divert a significant portion of profits back in to the community via paying for high-quality Perl content/articles, sponsorship of conferences, and sponsorship in to TPF and similar organisations. This is going to take me a while to ach…