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Introducing Class::ConfigHash

A while ago I saw a post by Ovid on boxing hashes for configuration in Dancer. The idea seemed pretty neat, and I found myself doing something similar in some work for Net-A-Porter, so I wrote a generalized implementation (although the underlying mechanism is different). From the synopsis:

my $config = Class::ConfigHash->_new({
   database => {
       user => 'rodion',
       pass => 'bonaparte'…

New Data::Google::Visualization::DataTable

After a bug report from a user, I've uploaded a new Data::Google::Visualization::DataTable.

You can do some fun stuff with this module - it allows easy preparation of data for use with the Google Visualization API - ie: any data source you can access in Perl, you can easily spit out as one of a number of awesome and often interactive graphs and charts.

If you make som…

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