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What's New in WebGUI 8 #2: Auth Improvements

Auth changes

that into perspective:
  • Auth predates Facebook, which was founded in 2004.

  • Since Auth, there have been two Summer Olympiads.

  • Auth was written when I was still in college.

Since then, it has not fundamentally changed, though everything about the Internet surely has.

We began our planning for 8.0 with the idea to completely rebuild Auth from scratch, but that quickly got scrapped when we realized both the scope of th…

What's new in WebGUI 8.0 #1 - PSGI/Plack


first major API change since WebGUI 7, we started planning WebGUI 8 with high expectations. Over the course of the last 16 months:
  • We've adopted PSGI/Plack as our platform, enabling us to work in any HTTP environment.

  • We've made massive changes to the Asset system to make them easier to build.

  • We've reworked Auth to make it easier to add Twitter and Facebook authentication for your users.

  • We've rebuilt the upgrade system …

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