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Log::Any 1.042 Released

Since CPANTesters for Log-Any are all showing green for last week's trial release, I've pushed a new standard release of Log::Any 1.042 to CPAN.

New Log::Any Trial Release 1.041

I've just released a new Log::Any trial release. This release improves performance immensely when there are no log output adapters configured. This release also now returns the formatted log string from logging methods, allowing the log message to be used by a die or warn call.

Because of these changes, there is a very small chance of an incompatibility: Log::Any logging methods used to return whatever the configured adapter returned (this was undocumented and was not a feature). Now they always return the formatted log message.

So if you depend on Log::Any, please give Log-Any-1.041-TRIAL a test run through and report any issues to the Log-Any Github tracker.

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