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CPAN Testers at meta::hack v2

Two weeks ago, I was invited to meta::hack v2, the second annual MetaCPAN hackathon. As the primary maintainer of CPAN Testers, I went to continue improving the integration of CPAN Testers data with MetaCPAN and generally improve the performance of CPAN Testers to the benefit of the entire Perl ecosystem.

Help CPAN Testers During meta::hack v2

Would you like to help CPAN Testers build some new data dashboards and new web applications during meta::hack v2? Join us on IRC in #cpantesters-discuss on, join our mailing list on, or e-mail me directly at

With meta::hack v2 only two weeks away, I've written down my todo list for the hackathon. With another brand-new machine graciously provided by ByteMark, who have been hosting CPAN Testers for years, this year's hackathon will involve more devops tasks to improve reliability and stability of the various parts of the project.

The new server will be the host for CPAN Testers backend processes, the processes that turn the raw incoming data into the various reports used by the websites and downstream systems. It will also be the new home for the CPAN and BackPAN mirrors that CPAN Testers uses for data, and provides to external users as part of CPAN's mirrors list.

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