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Learning Perl Master Course (video) now available

The Learning Perl book ("Llama book") is the best-selling intro-to-Perl book available. For most of the 90's and the early 200x's, teaching the classroom course based on the book (which was based on the previous course, which was based on the previous book...) had been my primary living.

More than once, I had thought about turning the course into a video, but lacked the time, energy, coordination, etc. This especially became important as fewer and fewer "groups of 10 or more" popped up for me to present the classic course.

O'Reilly approached me earlier this year to ask me if… videos

When I'm in town during a Portland Perl Mongers meeting, I livestream the event with UStream, and record the presentations if the speakers permit it. Last night, I taped Michael Schwern talking about Test::Builder2 and Chromatic regarding Modern Perl. Check them out!

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