Bedrock, AJAX and HTTP Status Codes

Using Bedrock to create AJAX components is trivial. Name your Bedrock file with a .jroc extension and return your result.

<var --json $result>

Can it get any easier? I just created a wiki page that shows how Bedrock handles exceptions for application/json files you serve up using Bedrock. I also describe how you can customize the HTTP status code that Bedrock returns to the browser.…

OpenBedrock Moves to GitHub

I've moved the development repo for OpenBedrock to GitHub.

For the last dozen years or so the code base has been parked in a CVS repository. As I have been resurrecting the Bedrock project, I decided it might be a good idea to explore a different VCS. Although, CVS has been adequate, a move to GitHub marks (at least in my mind) a move toward a more modern approach to poss…

Chromebook - Acer C720 Day 12 which I attempt to hold a webinar with AnyMeeting.

Chromebook - Acer C720 Day 10

More successes using the Chromebook...still no resolution of the VPN issue.

Continuous Integration

The term continuous integration has gotten a lot of play lately, especially in the startup space. Ultra-lean organizations are doing CI all the time, however as my project grows, the build grows hair, and as my infrastructure becomes more well defined, I'm going to want a way to efficiently implement CI.

We use CVS (yes I know it's a stone age tool), aside from recommendations to get on git and use Jenkins, does anyone have any recommendations for a light weight CI environment?

I know I can spend an afternoon and roll something crude using CVS hooks but wondered if this is …