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Dangling Definitions

Not sure why, but I hate this:

my $foo;

I like the advice define variables where you use them and have extended that to define variables when you create them, Defining variables as you bring them into existence is clean and self documenting and has the nice advantage of never (hopefully) creating an undef where none was intended. Careful programming can avoid that too!

However, I'm interested in comments regarding this construction (presented in pseudo-code):

my $foo  = do {
  if ( some-conditional )…

Perl Web Application

I recently have been working with an accountant to create an accounting/record keeping solution for micro to small non-profits.


I've blogged about the experience bootstrapping this enterprise here:


The blog is a 5 part series repeated on Tuesday's. Some may find some value in learning what tools (besides of cou…

What about a Perl example?

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the frequency with which I will look at an API and find examples in every language...except Perl.

Latest example Abbyy Cloud OCR SDK, an apparently nifty little web service for OCR applications. Examples in everything including Node.js! But not a mention of Perl.

Not that translating these examples is particularly difficult - it simply speaks to the cold shoulder Perl now seems to get. I saw the same bias with PayPal, and Amazon's AWS offerings.

Amazon did offer some Perl libraries which appear to have been autogenerated fro…

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