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Using Perl in the Real World (Cookbook)

I've sort of carped and blogged about the lack of well documented, well supported Perl interfaces to some of the newer services available to developers today. For example, interfacing Perl and Amazon web services, payment services, etc, etc.

I may not have done enough homework, but I think what might be lacking is a Perl cookbook for real world applications. I'm not talking about how to connect to a database using DBI or such trivial cookbook staple, but rather some meaty material that show me how to use Perl and connect to the Abbyy Fine Read OCR web service, Amazon S3/ECS/SQS/SNS …


Been looking at Amazon's Simple Notification Service. Very cool. It is a simple topic/message system where you can:

  • create topics
  • subscribe to topics
  • publish messages to topics

What's really nice is the subscriptions can be based on various protocols. For example, email, SMS (US only so far), HTTP(s).

I'm planning on using this for server monitoring and perhaps some workflow processing.

I'm already using Amazon's SQS (Simple Queue Service) with Proc::Daemon to implement some distributed processing across EC2 instances, but wa…

Last in the 5 Part Series...

...where I blog about our Perl based non-profit accounting solution.

Tools of the Trade

4th blog in the 5 part series in which I blog about our startup where we implemented a record keeping system for non-profits (in Perl).

btw - A little give back to the Perl community - Any Perl guys out there that are also volunteers for a non-profit and have gotten sucked into being the treasurer are more that welcome to use our software free of charge. Jus…

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