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I'm recycling a blog entry here. As a resource manager and someone that has to now hire yet another newbie I needed to remind myself of the Newbie Syndrome.


Perl and self flagellation...

What's wrong with Perl 5. Nothing. What's wrong with non-"Modern Perl"? Nothing.

I get the impression from the Perl community sometimes that if you aren't using Moose you're not a real Perl programmer. The notion of Modern Perl to me is a bit amusing.

While I am in agreement with all of the attempts to create best practices and standardization around Perl programming and protect programmers from themselves SOMETIMES, it's a bit of an oxymoron to use standardization (of programming techniques anyway) with Perl. After all, the language that embraces the TIMTOWTDI mantra can hardly throw devotees out of the tent that don't want anything to do with heavyweight additions to their favorite language.

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