A Parser for Marpa::R2

This proof-of-concept (test, module) parser takes input, invokes lexer as needed, evaluates parse tree(s) and returns the value.

The goals include (0) to enable automagic invoking of the lexer and alternate()/end_input() for ambiguous tokens, (1) to hide the recognizer set up and parse tree(s) evaluation while keeping the ability to customize Marpa::R2::Recognizer with named arguments, (2) to provide a method for arbitrary parse tree construction and (3) to facilitate specific methods of lexing the input and read()ing the tokens for specific applications, e.g., natural language parsing (NLP).

P.S. This behavior is provided by passing default_action to the parser that will be set to the grammar and used to determine the type (if known) and thus construct the parse tree or anything that default_action is set about to.

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user-pic I'm looking for a full-time (possibly remote) Marpa parser job