Bus Pirate hacking opportunity

Sadly Perl Hardware has been off to an incredibly slow start but his YAPC::NA I want to really give it a big kick to get going. In those efforts I need help. I am offering a free Bus Pirate v4 to anyone that will write a CPAN module and blog post about it. This would need ready by June 1 for YAPC::NA. Binary scripting mode examples that may help…

New module Path::Iterator::Rule::RT

I use Request Tracker (RT) all the time for work and home projects. What this means is I am left with ticket litter--lots of directories with names like test, examples, ETL, Proof of Concepts, foo, bar, baz, x. It all adds up to lots of ticket litter. Now I have a ticket for everything I do. (More on that later.)

That left me with a new problem. I had directories full of ticket numbers. It became overwhelming, and I needed a solution.

And so was born Path::Iterator::Rule::R…

Loving some puppet

I do love being able to just do

cpanm Moose

But I am gaining much love for

puppet apply -e 'package { "perl-Moose": ensure => "installed" }'

I need your help with Perl and the Internet of Things at YAPC::NA

Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Oct 8th and 9th.

Hope to see you at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop.