Pod::Readme can now be used with Dist::Zilla

I've recently released a new version of Pod::Readme with hooks to work with Dist::Zilla.

I also worked with Fayland 林 so that Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ReadmeFromPod will use Pod::Readme.

This means that you can use Pod::Readme's POD syntax in your module for generating README files. This includes the ability to:

  • Write POD sections in your module that are only shown in the README, such as the installation instructions, prerequisites, etc.;
  • Exclude other POD sections from the README, such as the details of functions and methods in your module;
  • Include the module's version, latest changes, or prerequisites in the README automatically;

You can also generate README files in alternative formats, such as POD, markdown or HTML.

Scratching an itch - interpolable HTTP Status constants

When working on larger web applications, I prefer to use HTTP::Status to provide human-readable constant names in the code. This is especially helpful for anything other than the common 200, 404 or 500 status codes.

But the constants exported by HTTP::Status are basically subs:

if ($response->code == HTTP_OK) { ... }

this is fine for most cases, but not when you want interpolable variables, for example, in hash keys.

So I wrote HTTP::Status::Constants. It's a simple wrapper around HTTP::Status that provides read-only scalar constants for the HTTP_* constants.

Pod::Readme v1.0.2 released

I released a new version of Pod::Readme yesterday. It's a module for "Intelligently generate a README file from POD" by using POD =begin/=end and =for commands to control what parts of a module's POD are included/excluded in the README. For example, you don't need the details of method calls in the README, nor do you need installation instructions in the module's man page.

This is a major rewrite using "modern Perl" that supports the following features:

  • Generating a README in various formats such as pla…

A pre-release of Pod::Readme is available on CPAN

Last month, I mentioned that I was rewriting Pod::Readme.

A pre-release has just been uploaded to ="https://metacpan.org/release/RRWO/Pod-Readme-v1.0…

Rewriting Pod::Readme

Back in 2005, I wrote Pod::Readme. It languished a bit, and David Precious took over maintainership around 2010.

The core idea for this is that README files contain redundant information that is already in the POD, but not everything in the POD should be in the README (such as the details for individual method calls).

It's recommended in Task::Kensho but I'm not aware of many people using it. The few buildtool plugins that generate README files from POD seem to use plain POD-…

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