Adding a ROADMAP section to the POD

I've like to propose adding a ROADMAP section to module documentation.

It would be a *short* summary of planned changes for future versions, noting what features would be removed or changed, or upcoming new features that will be added.

More detailed roadmaps should be put in a separate file (e.g. `ROADMAP` or ``) that should be referred to in the section. Or link to the roadmap if it's online.


You're free to add whatever POD sections you want beyond the standard ones NAME, SYNOPSIS, DESCRIPTION, and some form of COPYRIGHT/LICENSE. The best way to "propose" how to use a section like that is to lead by example and show that it's a good way to inform users.

For software packages, not just perl distributions, I've long
wanted them to include a brief "STATUS & ROADMAP" section

STATUS to mention whether
* it is stable, near-stable, etc
* is under active development
* any significant issues/limitations
* portability

* might have a definite set of milestones
* and/or major wishlist features, which might or might-not
be entries in the issue-tracker
* and/or features that could benefit from more contributors,
e.g. for porting to Windows
* or might just say it's stable & mature and only expected
development is to handle security fixes

Of course these mean nothing if not kept reasonably up to date,
but that's not too hard when it's a big picture view.

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