RFC: Term::ReadKey Availability and requiring it in Term::ReadLine::Perl5

A while back I forked Term::ReadLine::Perl making Term::ReadLine::Perl5 because of the former maintainer's lack of responsiveness regrading my patch to add GNU Readline history and general lack of responsiveness overall.

Term::ReadLine::Perl purports to be a "pure Perl" version of GNU ReadLine. It can use, but does not require, Term::ReadKey. With this issue it seems that more hacking is needed when Term::ReadKey is not available.

Right now Term::ReadKey is recommended. But putting a dependency on Term::ReadKey would simplify the code, and that is much needed. That makes this less code less "pure" Perl.

Looking at the CPAN Testers reports, seems to be pretty much available on different OS's and is somewhat actively maintained.

Any thoughts on turning a "recommends" into a "requires" for Term::ReadLine::Perl5?

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As a Debian user I might be biased, but I support 'requires'.

Also, I have unease about the Pure Perl mantra. The more I think about it the more I fear it is a type of masochism :-((.


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