Perl::Critic --praise

Wouldn't it be cool if Perl::Critic had a --praise option?

It would tell programmers they have done something worth mentioning and throw in some inspirational kudos and uplifting recognition:

$ perlcritic --praise
Good! Filehandle is not a Bareword at line 4, column 1.  See page 202,204 of PBP.  (Cleverness: 1)
Nice use of comments in a regex. Maintainers will be happy at line 9, column 1.  See page 289 of PBP.  (Cleverness: 3)
Outstanding use of Moose roles at line 11, column 1.  (Cleverness: 2)
Named parameters are definitely easier to read at line 42, column 1 (Cleverness: 1)
Quite sure this 1 line of Perl translates to at least 12 in Java at line 58, column 1 
Oh yeah! You rock! at line 74, column 1.  (Cleverness: 4)
This package may be useful to the community. Make sure you upload it to the CPAN at line 74, column 1.  (Cleverness: 5)

I think psychologists call it positive reinforcement. :)


This reminds me of unit testing achievements. Maybe Perl::Critic could be used to rank developers on a leaderboard and encourage some friendly competition?

Don't encourage narcissism.

Why not? The great thing about narcissism is how it makes clear what an awesome cool dude you are.

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