Data::RenderAsTree might help you replace Data::TreeDumper

It's on CPAN.

Tree::Renderer: A partial replacement for Data::TreeDumper

It seem that since Perl V 5.20.0, Data::TreeDumper won't install because it depends on Devel::Size, but in fact the latter could be marked optional (I'm told via an RT ticket).

For my own use basically, I'll soon release a simple module called Tree::Renderer, whose default output is almost identical to that of Data::TreeDumper.

So far, I've only implemented these return values for Scalar::Utils's reftype:

If you want support for other types let me know. Being lazy I hope not - in the nicest possible way, of course!


A note about Text::Table::Manifold

Docs: Text::Table::Manifold.

A survey of table rendering packages

So far I've found:

A note about X500::DN and X500::DN::Marpa

Firstly, some history: Many, many years ago, I released a module called X500::DN. It was very crudely written, and only handled the few DNs I had personally seen.