Updated SQL BNFs from Jonathan Leffler

Jonathan Leffler has sent me a very slightly updated set of SQL BNF files for SQL-92, SQL-99 and SQL-2003. I've put them on-line.

Any module to convert 'whitish' to 'white'?

A sort of de-inflexion module, so to speak.

Parsing JSON is a Minefield

Parsing JSON is a Minefield

And on Twitter

GraphViz2 V 2.43 now does image maps


The Secret Life of Acronyms

Years ago I wondered intensely about why some acronyms jarred, and not just government-issue ones either. Let me explain my conclusions.

I'm posting this now because of the push to rename the just-finished QA Hackathon, which personally I feel was marvellous value-for-money.