Finally, a BNF for Perl 5 regexps: The Regexp::Parsertron

See Regexp::Parsertron V 1.00.

Current users of Regexp::Assemble may find something of interest there.

Running Perl for your car's dashboard display

About time!

Updated list of drawing tools

After 11 years, I've updated the list! If you have any suggestions, please comment or email me.

Amazing: The preview feature worked. Submitting for the last time...

[Off topic] PHP syntax is (version && context) dependent

PHP accepts or rejects certain syntax depending on the context.

Let's hope you never have to deal with things like this.

A repo for SQL docs

For a number of years Jonathan Leffler has been providing SQL docs, which I hosted on my web site.

At the prompting of Brian Van Klaveren I've converted Jonathan's index.html page into the landing page of a github pages project.