Q: How to delete an obsolete file (not module) from CPAN?

Hi Folks

At some time in the distant past, the CGI::Session distro contained the file CookBook.pm.

It still lives, in V 3.95!

CGI::Session is up to V 4.42.

Firstly how do I arrange for this file to be deleted?

Secondly, how many other derelict files await their obliteration, both in different versions of this distro and in other distros?


Talk to whoever uploaded the old version of CGI that has this file. Have him or her delete it.

In principle, the PAUSE admins could do it for him, but we only do such things in case of emergencies.

Hmm I thought the question was how to delete it from an installation when running "install Module" again and not from CPAN.org itself.

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